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Hey there and thanks for stopping by to read about our baby gear (product) company, archieblac.com. We named the company after our little man Archie. This business of ours, at the least the notion of it, started before Archie had even arrived. It began with the search for great products to decorate his room.  As first-time parents we were so excited to get the balance right; fun, bright, safe and engaging.  So, we started to look around for things: Baby gear, cots, cribs, rugs, canopies, blankets and mobiles - the other stuff: buggies, car seats, strollers and toys we could do later; first, we needed to get Archie’s room completed before he arrived.

Wow, it was harder than we thought. There are so many items from the tiny to the huge and there were hundreds of thousands of items on Instagram, Amazon and everywhere else.  We discovered products that looked lovely online only to turn out to be nasty and cheap, ultimately to be thrown away.  There were some products that were fantastic, but they turned out to be hand crafted items costing in the hundreds and thousands. “Ouch!” The items that we wanted to have for Archie, that is high quality and great value, were few and far between.

In our minds, we wanted to have a great little boutique shop near to us.  It would stock the quality items we needed and at a reasonable price. Items for playing, learning and creating a warm nurturing environment.  We also wanted advice; did the product last, was it safe.

But, where we lived there wasn’t anything for us. It turned out that when we spoke to our friends around Australia they told us the same things.  So, it’s the 21st century right! We sat down in those early days with a list of things to get and tracked things down for ourselves; Rugs, shelves, lights, a canopy. Our friends with children and our own family, loved our style and the products we found for Archie’s room.

Then once Archie came along in 2017 we, as many parents, were excited about Archie having fun and reaching his developmental milestones.  We wanted to help our little guy by having great quality, durable safe toys and accessories. The challenge we found, was that most the products were of really poor quality and the ones that were great, were super-expensive.  There was that “Ouch!” moment again.

So, we hunted, reviewed and got the best prices for items that we used for our family and our home.

Then after a “Why don’t we do it” moment over a cup of coffee and whilst Archie was having a nap, our second Archie was born, well at least the idea.  archieblac.com.

That’s how it started. 

Although we had spent over a year looking at suppliers and products, we then started to seriously look into the business side. We wanted to give our customers great products, but they needed to be at the right price and with awesome customer service. 

After a further six months, we were ready (ish) and excited to launch archieblac.com at the start of 2018.

It’s been quite a year.  From getting our first 10 orders in that first week to selling across Australia, the UK, Canada and the US and we’ve been also been recognised as a top ecommerce store!

We take a tremendous amount of care and attention to detail to offer the products on our site.  We hope you will love them as we do and as our other customers do.

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